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 Enhanced Primary Care - Medicare

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PostSubject: Enhanced Primary Care - Medicare   Tue 18 Nov 2008 - 12:07

A few people have asked about this, so i'll post some info here about it.

I have just been to an Indigenous Expo and representives from Medicare were there so i asked them a million questions about the Enhanced Primary Care Program.

You are entitled to 5 sessions with a wide variety of health services eg: PT,ST,OT,CHIRO etc, per year, as well as using the 5 visits with the same service you can also choose to split the 5 sessions with different services.
Depending on the service you choose Medicare will reimburse you up to $50 per visit, rebates will vary.
To apply you need to first decide what service/services you wish to use, take that information to your local GP and he will fill in an Enhanced Primary Care form referring you to the srvice of your choice. I had already chose mine(OT), and made an appointment before i went to get my form filled in (next week).
The Doc then submits the form to Medicare and your on your way cheers by the time you start with your OT etc Medicare will have all the info and you will then be able to go to them and make a claim.

Make sure that when you are booking an appointment with your Doctor to fill out this form you let them know you need to have a long consultation as apparently it takes abit of time to fill them out. I was also advised by my Doctor that i had to take Amarli with me, that i couldnt go in without her and do the forms(go figure scratch ) so check that out too.

And a piece of good news for me at least, Medicare also informed me that when Amarli has used her 5 visits up i can go back to the Doctor for another 5 because she is Indigenous so she gets 10 visits per year cheers
I'm all for equal rights etc but with all the talk between you guys about the lack of funding for our kiddies at school etc, i'll take what ever they give me.
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PostSubject: Re: Enhanced Primary Care - Medicare   Sun 28 Dec 2008 - 4:27

Great to know thanks Robyn. We are seeing a private speechie in early January not sure if she will put Brielle on her books yet but worth knowing if she does because it costs a bomb Laughing
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Enhanced Primary Care - Medicare
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