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 PT App / braces for the knees

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PostSubject: PT App / braces for the knees   Wed 18 Feb 2009 - 7:53

We have our first PT appointment this Friday in over a year.
The regular PT wont be there, Woo Hoo praise GOD!!!!!
Yesterday the PT filling in called me, she wanted to know in advance, any questions I had and she wanted a general idea of where Aden was at.

WOW Iím so impressed she cares.

I asked her about the Hip helpers we have some that Robyn (from here) made as well as the OT.
Also I mentioned Sure steps The PT knew nothing about either of them, so I told her that Cerebral Palsy League here are the only place where you can buy Hip helpers and I didnĎt know about sure steps. [/size]
She rang me back later that day!

She said the Cerebral Palsy League lady.. told her that while they help when the child is wearing them, they donít do anything for once they are off.
I welcome any thoughts on this.

She wants to see Aden before deciding and talk with me more.
And the Sure steps we have something similar here, but whatís the point when Aden will not tolerate anything on his feet.

Another question I have is, a lady from Disability services mentioned o me yesterday that she has seen children with braces for the knees to stop them hyper flexing. Anyone know about these so I can ask the PT
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PT App / braces for the knees
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