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 Funding Education in NSW

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PostSubject: Re: Funding Education in NSW   Thu 9 Jul 2009 - 16:54

I have a friend who is starting home schooling at the beginning of next term. I will be interested in how she goes because her kids are very very active and there are 5 of them. Joel really wants to be home schooled but I am reluctant because he is such a social creature and it would be a challenge to keep up with his social needs. He is a leader in the playground and has a lot of friends. He does fine academically too. I can't actually understand why he wants to be home schooled. Stef hates the thought of home schooling. She is in high school and loves it. I have to admit I would dread home schooling her. She is just coming into that "delightful" (cough) teenage time with the hormones flying everywhere and the "Mum you don't know anything" attitude.

I think it would be good for Talitha as long as she gets the social input because she is the only little one at home. If I manage to convince hubby to agree to do some long term foster care then she will have someone to play with and that could work really well. I wonder if they would let me home school a foster kid??
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Funding Education in NSW
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