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 I wonder if taking the kids made the differance?

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Aden's mummy
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PostSubject: I wonder if taking the kids made the differance?   Thu 23 Jul 2009 - 10:53

A few months ago I posted, how another mum and I took our kids off to a Summit in a near by town Dysart
I was terrified that Iíd have to get up on stage and talk in front of the 140 people from the mining industry, rural sector, local communities and local government. Premier and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, Paul Lucas. Lucky I didnít we broke up into forum groups. Not sure what they all thought of these two mums, turning up with 3 kids. Hahha we sent most of the time walking the foyer, trying to keep the kids quite. Mostly they were great. Iím sure most people were nervous how the kids would go, I dont know maybe it was the way the smiled at us, after looking at the children.
Who takes kids to a summit? Lol desperate mummaís, that is who.

The issues I nervously raised, in the group forum, were Parks, Heated pools, and Allied health services. Tried to be clear that it wasnít just about having Allied health services. That if we had decent parks climbing equipmentÖthat we would be at least equipped to help our own children.
The idea was, I know we need Allied health survives but itís not coming any time soon. There simply arenít any and itís something that needs to be address but will be years and years away.
more here blog post Our first Summit

Our forum was Social and community discussion group
Attachment 5, Page 11 http://www.dip.qld.gov.au/resources/report/resource-summits/dysart-resource-summit-report.pdf
I felt listened to. Then this week while driving into town, we seen proof of that. A new Playground was being put in.
Yesterday it was open for use, yes Iíve been driving past everyday waiting for it to open
The kids had so much fun, ADEN had so much fun. Matthew always enjoys the park, there are quite a few parks in town suitable for him. This is the only park suitable for Aden. But how I cried to see them both playing along side each other. Boy did I cry, lol I couldnít stop Aden was on his feet so much.
Think we will be there every afternoon.

See photo's here
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PostSubject: Re: I wonder if taking the kids made the differance?   Thu 23 Jul 2009 - 16:27

That is so cool!!!!! How amazing that someone actually listened Shocked . I love love love the pics of the kids playing at the park!!
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Chin Wagger
Chin Wagger

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PostSubject: Re: I wonder if taking the kids made the differance?   Fri 24 Jul 2009 - 18:09

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PostSubject: Re: I wonder if taking the kids made the differance?   Fri 24 Jul 2009 - 18:48

Thats so great for the boys (and you!!!)
They look so very happy playing together. Your Aden sure is too cute!!
Now I hope there is a take-away coffee place on the way there for you.
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PostSubject: Re: I wonder if taking the kids made the differance?   

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I wonder if taking the kids made the differance?
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