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 Adults with Down Syndrome (Siegfried M. Pueschel) 2008

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PostSubject: Adults with Down Syndrome (Siegfried M. Pueschel) 2008   Mon 31 Aug 2009 - 4:01

Table of Contents
1. Stars
Meredith Leslie Martin

2. My Adult Life Up to Now
Jason A. Kingsley

3. Optimal Health Care and Medical Concerns
Siegfried M. Pueschel

4. Life Experiences
Jennifer Cunningham

5. My Life as a Special Tomato
Carolyn Hansen Bergeron

6. Are Psychiatric Disorders of Concern in Adults with Down Syndrome?
Siegfried M. Pueschel and Beverly A. Myers

7. Positive Behavior Support Process for Adults with Down Syndrome and Challenging Behavior
Rose Iovannone

8. Self Before Sex: Perspectives on Support, Self-Esteem, and Sexuality
Karin Melberg Schwier, with invited contributions from Dave Hartzog, Nannie Sanchez, Stefanie Ward, Karen Taylor, and Jim Schwier

9. Having a Life
Jeffery D. Mattson

10. Person-Centered and Collaborative Supports for College Success
Cate Weir

11. College Years and Future Job
Andrew Lee Jones

12. Work and Vocational Training for Individuals with Down Syndrome
Paul Wehman, Pam Targett, and Jacob A. Neufeld

13. The Future Is Ours
Chris Burke

14. Aiming High
Mia Peterson

15. Supporting Adults to Live in the Community: Beyond the Continuum
Steven J. Taylor

16, Independent
Katie Maly

17. Recreation Through Special Olympics: Sports, Fitness and Well-Being
Siegfried M. Pueschel and Courtney Pastorfield

18. Imagine the Possibilities
Karen Elizabeth Gaffney

19. Contribution and Community Life: Fostering Social Relationships, Community Participation and Full Inclusion
Angela Novak Amado and K. Charlie Lakin

20. My Life So Far
Steven William Sauter

21. Life is Good
Joel C. Peterson

22. My Story
Sujeet S. Desai

23. Guardianship and Its Alternatives
Robert D. Dinerstein

24. Advocacy and Adults with Down Syndrome
Steven M. Eidelman

25. My Life
Christine D. Maxwell

26. My Life on the "UP"-side of My Down Syndrome disABILITY
Ann M. Forts

27. My Wonderful Life
Karen Toff

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Adults with Down Syndrome (Siegfried M. Pueschel) 2008
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