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 Dance syndrome.

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PostSubject: Dance syndrome.   Wed 3 Feb 2010 - 7:11

This is an artical taken recently from *The Australian* newspaper.

The Australian
This (Dancing) Life
Published 30/01/10
By Susan Foley

My brother-in-law told me for the past week as he drove to work he'd seen this guy
dancing at the bus stop. He had his earphones plugged into his iPod and was quite
oblivious to the amusement he was causing. He was totally in the zone. In his big,
baggy shorts he was grooving to the music and everyone who saw him smiled and
thought that life was not so bad after all.

I missed out on the dancing gene. I like music and I tap my foot to the beat, but I
don't feel at all confident about dancing. In fact my husband and I like this about
each other. We were relieved to find someone else who didn't want to get up and

When I had small children I watched Playschool and the Wiggles with them. It was the
perfect excuse not to do housework because I was enhancing their educational
experience. I felt suitably matched with the awkward presenters and the simple
actions to the songs. So I got up and danced, pretty sure they would never remember
or tell.

In fact, my kids thought I was wonderful at everything back then. They would
probably have wanted me to audition for So You Think You Can Dance? But, no, the
title alone would prevent me. I know I can't.

What do people say about the man at the bus stop? He has the genes for dancing. He
is a natural. His movements are cool in a way I envy. His confidence is so great
that he has no inhibitions, even on Lower North East Road at peak hour. How do I
know? On the fourth morning my brother-in-law recognised him. He is my son.

You see, he has the unusual movements and lack of inhibition because he has Down
syndrome. However, I don't want to know him in terms of what he can't do so I'm
changing his diagnosis to Dance syndrome. Despite having gawky parents with
defective genes for dancing, he has the gene that frees him up to dance and
experience a joy that is infectious to all around him.

God must look at this crazy mixed-up world and see us smart ones full of worry and
inhibitions. It's so easy to miss the point when we take life so seriously. I'm sure
God shakes his head if we dare look down on the people he's given us to remind us of
the simple joys of this life, of the freedom he wants us to experience.

I was singing in church the other day and a friend tapped me on the shoulder and
pointed to where my son was singing. He was down on his knees, eyes closed, arms
outstretched pouring his voice out to God. He can't sing in tune, but I remind
myself not to know him by what he can't do when it is so obvious what he can.

God sees him as a whole man, despite his challenges and so do I. He is my dancing,
singing, worshipping mentor and with his help I'm learning to embrace this dancing
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Valued Contributor
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PostSubject: Re: Dance syndrome.   Wed 3 Feb 2010 - 13:34

Wow, what a lovely story Very Happy Raych will be able to confirm this but at the conference gala dinner night, there was a guy there with DS who could dance. Man that guy had ALL the moves! It wasn't that he was uninhibited and moving how he pleased, it wasn't that he was dancing despite his 'disability', it was that he really COULD dance and was a real pleasure to watch Very Happy That story's a good reminder to see people for who they ARE, not who they're not Very Happy


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Chin Wagger
Chin Wagger

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PostSubject: Re: Dance syndrome.   Wed 3 Feb 2010 - 16:31

Thanks for sharing that one Robyn. It brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely story.
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PostSubject: Re: Dance syndrome.   

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Dance syndrome.
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