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 A Poem For Joshua

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Tim and Tuscan

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PostSubject: A Poem For Joshua   Wed 30 Jul 2008 - 23:16

Not so much an inspiring story as an inspiring poem that tells a story. I found it here. I also got permission to repost it.

Quote :

The task had been quite difficult,
But now my job was done.
Fatigued beyond description,
I watched my newborn son.
A mass of blonde clung damply
To your squawling little head.
“Ten toes, ten fingers, perfect!”
That’s what your daddy said.
Months and months of waiting,
And here was my reward!
I marveled your perfection,
While your father cut the cord.

The doctor looked you over;
I saw his furrowed brow.
The nurses exchanged glances,
And they were frowning now.
The doctor turned to face us
With pity in his eyes.
His next words, said quite gently,
Still took us by surprise.
“Folks, your baby just might have
An extra chromosome.
We probably should do some tests
Before you take him home.”

I glanced at you, still sticky,
With infant lights above,
And all I felt that moment
Was overwhelming love.
The nurses were encouraging:
The doctor could be wrong!
The tests would tell for certain;
They wouldn’t take too long.
I knew about Down syndrome.
I saw the signs in you.
I didn’t need a test to tell
What I already knew.

The tests confirmed suspicion:
Our child was “one of those”.
I barely even noticed,
Still admiring all your toes!
“Take time to grieve”, one nurse advised.
“This must be such a trial!”
“His hair’s so nice!” was my reply.
“I think I saw him smile!”
“Patient’s in denial,” she wrote.
“She thinks her baby’s fine.”
The nurse just didn’t understand
About this child of mine.

“Low muscle tone” . . . I think that means
You’re cuddly as can be!
None of my other babies
Have snuggled so with me.
“Developmentally delayed” . . .
That’s just a way to say
You’ll stay “my baby” longer
Than other babies stay.
“Special Education” isn’t
What we thought it’d be.
The things you’ve learned pale when compared
To things that YOU’VE taught ME!

Predictably, the years have passed
And you are almost four.
Delightful, charming, funny . . .
I couldn’t love you more!
Dancing with your sisters,
Playing ball with Dad,
These past few years have been among
The best I’ve ever had.
You sing, you sign, you give bear hugs.
It’s never crossed your mind
To miss the things you might not do.
And, yes, my baby’s fine!

When we go out, it seems that people
Have to smile at you.
How can they help it, when you grin
At them the way you do?
In all the time we’ve had you,
I’ve never grieved a minute.
I can’t imagine any part of life
Without you in it.
I look at you, asleep at night,
When our day is done.
I don’t see any flaws at all;
Just my beloved son.
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

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PostSubject: Re: A Poem For Joshua   Wed 30 Jul 2008 - 23:40

Tim and Tuscan wrote:
“Patient’s in denial,” she wrote.
“She thinks her baby’s fine.”

I don’t see any flaws at all;
Just my beloved son.

I hear you!!!


Cas DHx1 DSx2 DDx2

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PostSubject: Re: A Poem For Joshua   Wed 30 Jul 2008 - 23:52

Quote :
You’ll stay “my baby” longer
Than other babies stay.
My mum is always saying this. You get to cuddle a baby for much longer. She thinks its one of the best thing's about Mac.

Wow Tim another great find by you. This is a brilliant poem, I love it Lots of love I am sitting here in tears as it is just perfect, it encompass' it exactly! Am off to check out the link now, damn you as I was just about to tot off to bed Sleep

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Chin Wagger
Chin Wagger

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PostSubject: Re: A Poem For Joshua   Thu 31 Jul 2008 - 5:01

That is such a beautiful poem.Thankyou for sharing.
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PostSubject: Re: A Poem For Joshua   

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A Poem For Joshua
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